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I’m not fortunate enough to have glowing skin all year around *shrugs*. Honestly, when I feel my skin getting dry during the colder months I find myself using wayyyyy more moisturizer than typically needed through-out the day to cover those dry spots. Just because it’s winter ladies, doesn’t mean our melanin has to suffer. Your skin should be glowing just as amazing in the summer as it should in the winter months. Plus, the more we take care of our skin to provide that pure glow the less makeup we’ll need.

Let’s be real, who knows our skin better than a woman of color? It was only right that I ask the lady who I consider to be an acne and all-around skincare expert; Sylvia Brownlee from Pure Beauty Skin Bar on how to keep our skin glowing this winter. Here are five skincare tips Sylvia advises along with a few products to keep your skin glowing & feeling hydrated all season long.

Images courtesy of Pure Beauty Skin Bar 

#1: Add a humidifier to your beauty routine.

A humidifier will keep the air more humid and lock in that moisture. Naturally your skin will begin to retain more of the surrounding moisture keeping it luminous! You can obviously do this year round but this is especially helpful during those dry Winter months.

#2: Drink at least half of your body weight in ounces of water. This allows you to hydrate from the inside out.

Now this isn’t new BUT did you know that the proper amount of water actually flushes out nasty toxins that also cause breakouts and dull skin? DRINK MORE WATER SIS!

#3: A serum that contains Hyaluronic Acid will plump and hydrate your skin to appear dewy.

Product Recommendation: Pure Beauty Skin Bar Hydra Gel Serum, $45

About the product: It’s cold outside and that means your skin needs a product that will penetrate and hydrate your skin, the Hydra Gel Serum is perfect for skin that is dehydrated, dull or lacking moisture, this gel holds 1000x its weight in water giving your skin the hydration it needs.


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#4: Make sure you’re using a light exfoliator to remove the buildup of dead skin.

Product Recommendation: Pure Beauty Skin Bar Pumice Scrub 2.5%, $22

About the product: Ever feel like your skin just needs a little something to get rid of the dead skin that has been building up all season long? Pumice Scrub is perfect for you. This gentle lightweight exfoliant won’t irritate your skin and you will love how soft your skin feels after the first use.

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#5: Wear sunscreen all year around to protect your skin from those harmful UVB & UVA rays.

Product Recommendation: Pure Beauty Skin Bar PBS UV Sunscreen, $25

About the product: The last product you should apply for the official glow is the PBS UV Sunscreen. This will help prevent those dark spots from getting darker.

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