Who is Her Distraction?

Her Distraction is a fashion brand that was developed by two women who are obsessed with all things fashion, style and aesthetic. Completely over interviewing for the job they wanted, they decided to just simply create it. These women want to encourage creativity, individualism, and confidence for the everyday minority women looking to take over the world, and look incredible while doing it.

Why the name Her Distraction?

Her Distractions collection embodies effortless chic, glam, and versatility. 

Who is the Her Distraction girl?

We like to think of her as the hardworking, sophisticated, timeless, feminine, bossy but yet playful girl in the room. She is the girl who hopes to inspire and also be inspired by other boss babes. She doesn’t just care about the trendy style of clothes but also loves pieces that she can transition into from day to night and that’ll last in her closet for 3+ years. Her weekends are filled with hanging out with her girls, sipping the finest wine & champagne, listening to her faves such as Beyoncé & Drake and of course conquering her goals. You'll find her always on the lookout for exclusive pieces.